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Coron Island, located in the northern tip of Palawan, Philippines, is a great travel destination for wreck diving and scuba diving.

As the story goes...

"It was September 24, 1944 when advancing fleet under Admiral "Bull" Halsey found themselves on the west edge of the uncharted Calamian Islands, near the Japanese occupied town of Coron, northern Palawan. In order to map out a safe passage route, reconnaissance planes were sent to photograph the area.

Spotted in air photos were 24 "moving" islands, heavily camouflaged Japanese cargo and warships, taking cover for repairs and conserving the fuel left for the larger battleships.

Admiral Halsey ordered an immediate bombardment of the area. All 24 ships were sunk! To date, 17 of these have been located, 12 of which are divable."

Wreck scuba diving around Coron, Busuanga, northern Palawan, Philippines can be done by scuba divers with moderate experience since several of these wrecks are within the depth limits of sports divers. There are a lot of reef diving around Coron for those who prefer normal fun diving activities. Since Coron is part of the Calamian group of islands, there are a lot of reefs and walls to dive as well. These dive sites are full of marine and coral life and are ideal for both day and night diving. Here are some of the dive sites: Barracuda Lake, Delian Island, Dimakya Island, Dumumpalit Island, Malajon Island, Malay Island, Tana Island, North and South Cay Island. Marine life to be found in these dive sites are: jacks, snappers, surgeon fish, small garoupas, barracudas, Spanish mackarels, black and white tip sharks, to name a few.

The surrounding islands aslo provide a lot of other activities besides diving such as snorkelling, mountain climbing which leads to a lake (great for swimming), a dip in a natural volcanic hot springs, just to name a few. These activities make Coron island a great vacation destination.

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